Sparring Combinations

1. Slide in, punch to the body with your front hand ( and hit the arm block ) do a lunge punch to the face, then do a hard reverse punch to the body before they have a chance to move their hand back down to block.

2. Do a scoot kick to the chest, them drop your foot, tounching the ground, then snap it back up to hit the groin, then slide in and punch to the floating rib, and get out.

3. Do a front kick to the groin, drop the foot, do another front kick to the groin, and when you move in to your opponent in a right guard, hold up your left hand to block your face when you punch with your right hand to the solar plexus or floating rib.

4. Kick to the body, lean back on your back leg, turn your foot, so your toes point straight behind you, kick to the head, slide in and punch to the body.

5. Angle off of your opponent and double front kick to the groin/solar plexus and to the face. then land with a punch to the solar plexus.

6. Round kick to the body, then land with a backfist, and twist your arm into a haito strike to the temple or neck. ( One of my personal favorites )

7. Distract their eyes down, by going low ( as in a horse stance ), and then jumping up, and hitting them with a backfist to the temple.

8. You rise up and pretend to hit with a backfist, while at the same time you bring your leg up, and side kick them before they realize what is going on with your foot.

9. You angle off of your opponent, then use your front foot, and front kick to the ribs, just under and off to the side of your solar plexus. Then, the next time you go in, you fake the front kick again, and because you just kicked them really hard with a front kick… THEY WILL BLOCK IT! Before you finish throwing the kick, you twist your hips, and throw a round kick to the head. Then you do the same thing again, but after you kick the head, you pull your foot back, and side kick them to the body. This is all without putting your foot down. It works every time.


2 Responses to Sparring Combinations

  1. cynipen says:

    Wow, these are really detailed….. I can visualize everything very easily. Great job!

  2. reversepunch says:

    thanks! maybe you could take up karate some time………………

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