Self Defenses

1. If someone grabs your right shoulder with their left hand, you check their hand ( you grab it and hold onto it ) with your left hand. Then, you step back with your left foot, look at your attacker. They punch your face with their right hand, and you raise your right arm straight up in the air, and you twist your arm back against their arms. Then, you lift your right leg, and step behind their front leg, and upper cut to the ribs.

2. You are both in a right, open guard ( right foot back and hands open; not in fists ) and your opponent comes at you with a lunge punch, you take a big step forward, and block their arm with your arm between your wrist and elbow ( using two bones, not one… leave a comment if you want me to furthor explain ). Then, your arm that you did not use to block, wraps around their neck, and you pull their body down to your knee ( where you strike them in the floating rib ).

3. Right Hook Punch – Step in with  your left foot in front, then block your left hand against their right bicep. Right punch to body. Then, you pull your right hand back, and strike to the groin. Then, strike the eyes, grab, and push them back, so that their neck is parallel to the floor. Then swing your right leg out, and sweep them by swinging your leg against their calf. Once they are on the floor, strike with your foot to the ribs.

4. Knife Attack – the Knife is Pointed Straight at your Throat — Step back slightly with your hands raised, while saying calming stuff such as “Hey man take it easy.” Using your right hand strike halfway up their arm, and in the middle of the back of their hand at the same time throwing the knife out of their hands. Strike the groin and run away.

5. Club Attack to the Head – Step back, and stop arm by putting your hands on the top of their arm to stop it. Grab their arm with your right hand, and spin in a half circle, using their momentum, and then very suddenly and quickly spin the rest of the circle as fast as you can, keeping their arm close to your body, as they hit the floor.


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