Trophies and Tuesdays

Hey all!

I love going to the dojo right now, because you can see all of the trophies all lined up!

Our school did so well at the tournament.

On Tuesday, Sensai had us do a lot of hook kicks, squat kicks, and stretching. I am so sore today! The hook kicks were definitely fun to learn, and I plan on using them while sparring a lot more often.

Anyway, with the stretching… it was all very painful. When I stand with my back against a wall, I can touch the foot that is being lifted, to the wall. In other words, I can do the splits.

But, because my instructor didn’t think I was pushing myself, he gave me a different stretch.

In this new stretch, my foot was on my instructor’s shoulder, and one foot was on the floor being pushed behind me. Then, my instuctor leaned down, so I was in more than the splits.

In case you can’t picture this in your head, imagine gymnasts doing doing the splits on the beam, but with one leg on one beam, and the other leg on an opposite beam, with them sinking lower in the open air between the beams.

So, this was what I was doing, except with the floor and my instructor’s shoulder.

Anyway, I know that you are wincing in pain for me, because I know I am.

Bye for now!

-Reverse Punch

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Thursday Class and Tournament


The tournament was so good! My dad videoed these people playing drums at the beginning of the tournament, and I will try to post it on this blog.

The atmosphere was really good; everyone was happy, trophies were being handed out.

I placed second in Kata, with a big trophy to prove it… hahaha.

I think my younger brother was the most disappointed, because he really wanted to carry around the even bigger first place trophy!

At class last Thurday, Kyoshi shared a lot of knowledge with us! I will post it under knowledge!

– Reverse Punch

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Monday Class


In class yesterday, we practiced our tournament katas because the tournament is next Saturday! Yay!

I have been working on my kata really hard, and I got some great last minute tips from my instructor last night.

Also, last night, we were taught a self defense. Okay… so if someone comes up to you and they try to grab your lapel, then you strike your arms forward to the eyes, quickly before you wrap your arms around their arms, and hyper-extend the elbows. ( You pretty much just push their elbows up ) Then, you punch their floating rib, slide your hand behind their head, then elbow strike to the neck.

That’s about it for today!

– Reverse Punch

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Tuesday Class


In class on Tuesday, we learned that we should always scoot our back foot forward while we spar, not our front foot, so we don’t lose our balance.

Also, we should always angle, and try to do combinations in threes.

That’s really all for now.

– Reverse Punch

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On Tuesday, it was a really good class, because we learned some useful tips about sparring.

I learned that you stay in a guard for only three seconds, at the most, so… the timing is one, two, attack, not one, two, three, four, five, attack! Definitely not the last one.

Also, I learned a really good punch sequence, where you punch high, the middle, then high, but you go middle-high really fast, so they cannont block. The timeing is high, middle-high.

My school is hosting a tournament on April 30, and my instructors are apparantly trying to get Chuck Norris to come to the tournament, as he is friends with my instructors’ instructor Hanchi Willie Adams. Hanchi Adams has fought Chuck Norris before, and they are good friends. I am pretty excited! Plus, at the tournament there will be sword fighting, kickboxing title matches, continuous sparring, plus there are some Kung Fu people competing as well. This is a huge tournament!

Because we are the school hosting the tournament ( which will be at a local casino ) I have to help out, so it will be interesting to see how the tournament’s work.

That’s all for now!

– Reverse Punch

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Brown Belt Test Part 2 – Sparring


Anyway, I am now a brown belt, I passed my sparring test!

It was so hard, and to think that my black belt test will be forty-five minutes instead of fifteen minutes of non-stop sparring.

It went pretty well, but it went from lowest rank to highest rank, so I sparred the best people last. That was annoying.

But I did it… I passed! Woohoo!

Bye for now!

-Reverse Punch

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Monday Class


I learned some self defenses yesterday, so that is what this post is about.

1. Right Hook Punch

          1. Step in with  your left foot in front, then block your left hand against their right bicep.

          2. Right punch to body.

         3. Then, you pull your right hand back, and strike to the groin.

          4. Then, strike the eyes, grab, and push them back, so that their neck is parallel to      the floor.

          5. Then swing your right leg out, and sweep them by swinging your leg against their calf.

          6. Once they are on the floor, strike with your foot to the ribs.

2. Knife Attack — the Knife is Pointed Straight at your Throat

          1. Step back slightly with your hands raised, while saying calming stuff such as “Hey man take it easy.”

         2. Using your right hand strike halfway up their arm, and in the middle of the back of their hand at the same time throwing the knife out of their hands.

          3. Strike the groin and run away.

3. Club Attack to the Head

          1. Step back, and stop arm by putting your hands on the top of their arm to stop it.

          2. Grab their arm with your right hand, and spin in a half circle, using their momentum, and then very suddenly and quickly spin the rest of the circle as fast as you can, keeping their arm close to your body, as they hit the floor.

– Reverse Punch

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