Kata and Weapons

In Isshinryu Karate there are forms called Kata. Kata originated in Okinawa, Japan when learning how to fight was illegal. Consequently, kata look somewhat like dances, so if asked, people could say they were dancing.

The practicing of kata ingrains the defenses — muscle memory. So, if ever in danger, you will be able to quickly and correctly use a self defense in your kata.

This link leads to a youtube site where they have all of the katas I do.

The weapon katas also look like dances because the weapons we use are common farmers’ tools which were available and inconspicious in Okinawa.

The main weapon would be the Bo Staff. It is a six foot staff that can really hurt if you hit yourself with it! 🙂

Personally, I prefer Nunchuks to other weapons.


2 Responses to Kata and Weapons

  1. cynipen says:

    Is history a part of your training, or is this your own research?

  2. reversepunch says:

    History is a part of my training and of my black belt test. I need to have sufficient knowledge of karate to pass, and we do not get a piece a paper to memorize, we have to just write down the information our instructors give us as they give it to us, and even then we will not know everything at our black belt test.

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