1. Have I ever mentioned that I have torn my hamstring? Well, I have. I was in seventh grade, and it was October 10th. I was in Reno with my dad, as well as a friend of mine from Taekwondo, and his dad. We were going to Reno to compete in a tournament. (I was in Taewondo at the time)

I had competed in sparring and forms already. I had won gold in both! But, then, I made the mistake.

Like an idiot, I didn’t stretch before doing my nunchuk form, so as I did my form, which was going really well, I finished in the splits to add effect like I always did.

But, I heard a tear as I went down, and when I stood up I couldn’t feel my right thigh. I put my weight on my leg, and it collapsed on me; I managed to hobble to the edge of the mat to sit down. But, I was tied for third, so I had to do my form again.

I walked up to the judge, and told them that I couldn’t compete. So, I took one step, and fell landing on a couple of the other people sitting along the edge of the mat, then my dad, and a friend from my Taekwondo school picked me up, and carried me to a chair.

My dad talked to someone from my school to see what he should do, but they didn’t even care, so my dad called an ambulance.

The ambulance came, and the people came in, and carried me out of the casino in a stretcher. ( I found out later that when my dad was walking behind me, two men were sitting at the bar staring at me, in the stretcher, and my dad said, trying to be funny 😉 “You should see the other guy!” He was trying to say I had beaten up my imaginary opponent more than he had hurt me, even though I was in a stretcher.

So, I went to the hospital, and they told me that I had torn my hamstring, and that I would need x-rays ( or something like that ) in case of internal bleeding. ( Which I did not have by the way. )

The bad part was, is that we were carpooling with some friends, so they had to wait in the hospital with us for four hours, until they let me go home.

To conclude, I was on crutches for a while, but now I am perfectly okay, and back in the splits.


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