Monday Class


Yesterday was fun, we learned some self defenses in the tournament class. I felt slightly awkward, because I had to try and grapple someone’s legs, which made me feel strange, because you have to bend over and run. Not something I do very often.

So, the first defense was against a normal reverse punch. Hehe… blog name. Anyway, so as the person come in with a right punch, you quickly step into a front stance, and block with your left arm. Then, you punch to their solar plexus, then pull your hand back, and stike to the pelvic bone. Then, you lift your arm back up, and strike their next as you sweep their leg.

The second self defense was against a full nelson (I think that’s what it is…?). It is when someone puts their arms under your arms, and around your neck, then they push down on your neck. The defense is just grabbing a finger and pulling, or kicking their shin with your heel, or when you cradle your hands and push against your own forehead, until the other person gets tired, then you snap your arms down, and bend back their wrist. ( If you don’t know what I mean, here it is. You keep your hands straight with your fingers together, with one palm facing away, and one palm facing you. Then, you bend your fingers into a ‘C’ shape, and link your hands. If you still don”t know what I mean, then I would join a martial arts school if I were you 😉 !)

The third self defense is when someone grabs your lapel with their left hand, and throws a punch with their right hand. First, you elbow their punch away, grab their fist on your lapel with your thumb and pointer finger, with your thumb on the meaty part by the thumb. Then, you twist their hand (and entire arm), and lock their elbow with your hand, and then you drag them to the ground with their wrist still bent. Ouch.

There were two other defenses, but I will post them later.

– Reverse Punch

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