Monday and Tuesday Class


Monday class was great, we learned a sparring combination. In this combination, you angle off of your opponent, then use your front foot, and front kick to the ribs, just under and off to the side of your solar plexus. Then, the next time you go in, you fake the front kick again, and because you just kicked them really hard with a front kick… THEY WILL BLOCK IT! Before you finish throwing the kick, you twist your hips, and throw a round kick to the head. Then you do the same thing again, but after you kick the head, you pull your foot back, and side kick them to the body. This is all without putting your foot down. It works every time.

On Tuesday, we tested for a stripe, and I passed! I know the first bit of Chinto Kata. I love this Kata.

That’s all for now!

– Reverse Punch

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