Trophies and Tuesdays

Hey all!

I love going to the dojo right now, because you can see all of the trophies all lined up!

Our school did so well at the tournament.

On Tuesday, Sensai had us do a lot of hook kicks, squat kicks, and stretching. I am so sore today! The hook kicks were definitely fun to learn, and I plan on using them while sparring a lot more often.

Anyway, with the stretching… it was all very painful. When I stand with my back against a wall, I can touch the foot that is being lifted, to the wall. In other words, I can do the splits.

But, because my instructor didn’t think I was pushing myself, he gave me a different stretch.

In this new stretch, my foot was on my instructor’s shoulder, and one foot was on the floor being pushed behind me. Then, my instuctor leaned down, so I was in more than the splits.

In case you can’t picture this in your head, imagine gymnasts doing doing the splits on the beam, but with one leg on one beam, and the other leg on an opposite beam, with them sinking lower in the open air between the beams.

So, this was what I was doing, except with the floor and my instructor’s shoulder.

Anyway, I know that you are wincing in pain for me, because I know I am.

Bye for now!

-Reverse Punch

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One Response to Trophies and Tuesdays

  1. Nichols says:

    This is such an interesting “other side” of you. Fascinating stuff to read.

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