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Black Belt Testing

Hello! I went to the black belt test, and everyone passed! Woohoo! I am actually really sore from sitting and taking notes the whole time 😉 At the school where the testing was, they have these benches, so there were … Continue reading

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Black Belt Test

I just wanted to say that there is a black belt test tommorrow night, which I plan on attending…. I will blog about the test tommorrow. Enjoy life! — Reverse Punch

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Monday Class

Hi Yesterday was fun, we learned some self defenses in the tournament class. I felt slightly awkward, because I had to try and grapple someone’s legs, which made me feel strange, because you have to bend over and run. Not … Continue reading

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Thursday Class

So, It was a great class yesterday. I learned a lot more of Chinto kata… woohoo! I love this kata! I asked so many questions, because I really want this kata to be perfect. Also, my instructor asked me if … Continue reading

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Monday and Tuesday Class

Hey! Monday class was great, we learned a sparring combination. In this combination, you angle off of your opponent, then use your front foot, and front kick to the ribs, just under and off to the side of your solar … Continue reading

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Trophies and Tuesdays

Hey all! I love going to the dojo right now, because you can see all of the trophies all lined up! Our school did so well at the tournament. On Tuesday, Sensai had us do a lot of hook kicks, … Continue reading

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Thursday Class and Tournament

Hey! The tournament was so good! My dad videoed these people playing drums at the beginning of the tournament, and I will try to post it on this blog. The atmosphere was really good; everyone was happy, trophies were being … Continue reading

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