Brown Belt Test Part 1


I did my Wansu Kata test last night at karate, and I passed! I am halfway to being a brown belt. On Tuesday I have a sparring test, but you do not have to win, you just cannot give up. Hopefully, I will pass that! I am on my way to be an advanced rank!

I learned that at the very last yell in Wansu when you strike, you have to clamp your mouth shut after you yell, so you do not look like a slack-jawed idiot. (Look it up, pretty interesting story behind the saying ‘a slack-jawed idiot’)

Also, I learned that I will be a brown belt for one year, six months is learning two katas: Chinto and Kusanku, and then six months as a black belt candidate.

If I pass my sparring test, I will be a brown belt on Thursday!


– Reverse Punch

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2 Responses to Brown Belt Test Part 1

  1. cynipen says:

    Congratulations! Two more to go! Woot!

  2. krishamae says:

    Good luck!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

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