Monday Class


I learned a lot in class on Monday.  I was doing my tournament kata, and my instructor told me to use bursts, as in ‘lull in the storm’ ( the meaning of the kata ). It was really interesting.

We also had to do our katas blindfolded, and I was so happy that I ended up facing the front… I was thrilled. There was a black belt there who has a lot of spins in his kata, and he overspun, so he ended up facing the wrong way. I saw him mess up for the first time! I was excited that he was not perfect… hehehe.

We also did a focus drill, so the other two people in the class had to distract the person doing their kata. The person doing their kata could not smile or react to the distractions. I failed miserably. I spent about a half an hour going through my kata, and I never did finish it. Whoops. Oh well.

I will blog soon!

-Reverse Punch

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