Tuesday Class


Yesterday in class, we had some people from our other school come down which was a nice change. It was a dad, and siblings — boy and girl. They were fantastic! It was an honor to spar them actually!

Anyway, while sparring, my instructor puts three people in the center of the mat, and runs through the line, so everyone in line spars the three people. Then, he puts the next three people in etc. It was my first time being put in for a big group of people; I had been put in before, but there was only about five people in the class.

It was really interesting, my instructor was talking about faking punches and strikes and everything, so what he said was to fake twice really fast, then strike. So… in short… fake, fake, BAM!

It is the same with kicks, punches, backfists, etc.

I will blog soon,

– Reverse Punch

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