Wednesday Class – For Once


At Karate last night, Kyoshi was teaching it, so I was happy about that! We had three white belts in the class, who seemed to enjoy themselves which is great. I was the highest rank color belt in the class, so I was able to bow the class in.

It was a sparring class, and I sparred everyone who was sparring, and I enjoyed myself. On a different not, Moday at Karate I had an eyelash in my eye, so it was watering and running like crazy, but I was sparring at the time, so I think my partner thought I was crying… oh well, time to forget that moment!

We did bag work yesterday, which I enjoyed because I like punching the bag, and feeling as if I am strong hehe! We were also practicing our back kicks, which I cannot do! I hate the feeling when you miss the bag and kick air.

There is one boy at Karate who is really really good at his scoot kick, so he did that on the bag, as well as while sparring, and it is really impressive!

After class, I talked to Kyoshi, and I might — just might — be participating in my first Karate tournament in two weeks. Then, in April, I am definitely participating in a tournament that my school is hosting.


-Reverse Punch

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