Boy, What a Few Days I Have Had!


Well, I will start with Monday. I had my tournament class, and it was great. We learned a few sparring techniques. One of them is that we inch in to our opponent, and we then do a scoot kick to the body.

On Tuesday, it was sparring class, and I had to spar everyone, like usual. So, I started with this one guy who is absolutely fantastic and proceeded to kick me in the head several times.

Then, we ran the line and sparred everyone. We had some new people come down from the other school, who were a lot bigger than I was, and it was really scary 😉 ! I know they gave me the points because they totally could have crushed me if they had wanted to.

I would give anything to be a good at sparring at anyone else at my karate school! I cannot wait until I can finally be as good as everyone else!

When we were sparring, my instructor kept telling me to throw multiple kicks, and so I need to try and throw multiple kicks before I throw punches. Ahhhh! I want to be good so badly!

Anyway, I will blog soon.

– Reverse Punch

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