Monday’s Class


Monday was a great class… an amazingly, astonishingly, skilled instructor taught. So, that was good. There were some new girls in the class, and they seem really nice.

We learned a self defense that is when you are both in a right, open guard ( right foot back and hands open; not in fists ) and your opponent comes at you with a lunge punch, you take a big step forward, and block their arm with your arm between your wrist and elbow ( using two bones, not one… leave a comment if you want me to furthor explain ). Then, your arm that you did not use to block, wraps around their neck, and you pull their body down to your knee ( where you strike them in the floating rib ).

Ta da! What a great self defense!

In class, we are working on our lunge punches, so make sure that when you do a lunge punch ( a punch with your front hand ), you twist your hips completely sideways ( they were at a forty-five degree angle before, or at least around there… ) to add extra reach. It sounds complicated, but really it’s not.

Then, there was the tournament class, and I think I really improved Seuchin Kata. The instructor told me to make sure that when I uppercut, it is to the chin, then I bring my arm back down, snap it back up into a high block, and do not lower my elbow when I bring my arm back, and bend my wrist for a backfist to the bridge of the nose. ( I recomend watching a video of Seuchin Kata if you have no idea what I am talking about )

Also, in my kata, when you raise your leg up to stomp, there is a hidden front kick, and so you lift up your knee like a front kick ( with your toes pulled up ) and you keep your knee pointing forward when you pivet ( I am not sure if that is the correct word ) and stomp.

I asked my instructor if all of the schools participating in the tournaments go into this much detail when training their students… ( I was thinking that the tournaments would be really really really competative ) and he said that we are one of the only schools to go into so much detail in our katas. I love that my school gives so much detail, because it helps me become a better martial artist.

After the last class of the day, we have to clean the dojo. Well, I mopped for the first time, and I actually had to be taught how because I did not know how to use the huge mop. Hehe. (Blushing)

Well, there was only one other person in the class ( he was mopping too ) and apparently he had to be taught how too, so I do not feel so bad. However, I am not sure if it is true, so… it was embarrasing. 😉

Anywho, have a great day!

-Reverse Punch

P.S. I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was great!

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