Tuesday’s Pain

Well, on Tuesday it was a sparring day, and I got some really good tips from the instructor. However, I was kicked in the shin, and it hurt so badly! I went home and iced it for an hour!

Yesterday, I looked at my ‘injury’ and it was an even bigger red bump surrounded by green bruises. Ouch. It hurt to run and walk and swim.

It is slightly going down, lucky me, by today.

I just thougth I would share the details!

– Reverse Punch

P.S. I happened to run my fastest mile ever yesterday, which is 7:56, which is odd because it hurt to run. Maybe I ran faster because I wanted to get it over with ;-).

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6 Responses to Tuesday’s Pain

  1. krishamae says:

    Ow! That does sound painful. Martial arts sounds like a pretty awesome thing to learn, though! I hope I can try it some time. By the way, congratulations on your mile!

  2. reversepunch says:

    Thanks for the congratulations! I am also on the swim team, and I am unable to get myself out of the pool with my left leg, so leaning my right shin on concrete to get out of the pool was probably a bad idea! I love your blog!

    • krishamae says:

      As an island girl, I love the water! Although, I remember all of the times I hurt my leg against the side of the pool during PE! And I’m not exactly awesome when it comes laps and strokes, so I’m not sure I can ever do competitive swimming. Ooh, considering your other injuries, I can only imagine the pain you felt. Oh, thanks for reading my blog!

  3. reversepunch says:

    I am not exactly awesome when it comes to laps and strokes either; I am consistently last. I am unable to sprint laps, so I guess I am better at long distance, but I do not actually enjoy swimming for a long time…. Mostly I am doing it for the excercise, but I sincerely hope I can get better!

  4. cynipen says:

    Sticking with the theme here, I’m not a good swimmer either. I’ve been kicked in the shin before, granted I was wearing shinguards, but of course the girl kicked me in the one place it wasn’t protecting.

  5. reversepunch says:

    Of course, it always happens that way right? Yeah, well my bump/bruise/pain is going down slightly, so that is nice 😉 ! At least I work through it during and after sparring, so I usually only notice the excruciating pain, after class, when I am sitting in the car, and I notice a humongous lump on my leg. Hehe. That way, I do not fall over in class, clutching my leg saying, “Ow, ow, ow,ow…” (You get the point). Talk to you soon!

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