Thursday Class


On Thursday, I had a great class! I learned a really cool self defense which I will post here and under self defenses!

1. If someone grabs your right shoulder with their left hand, you check their hand ( you grab it and hold onto it ) with your left hand. Then, you step back with your left foot, look at your attacker. They punch your face with their right hand, and you raise your right arm straight yp in the air, and you twist your arm back against their arms. Then, you lift your right leg, and step behind their front leg, and upper cut to the ribs.

One of the juniors moved up to the adult class, and she is really nice, so it is great having another friendly face.

I recieved another stripe on my belt, so I have a few more months until brown belt… yay!

Time to go, I will blog again soon!

– Reverse Punch

P.S. Have you ever checked out this website? It has lists of really cool books, if you like to read.

P.P.S. Have you ever read It is a blog that I read every day! Check it out!

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