Awards Banquet


The Awards Banquet was last night, and so many fantastic people were nominated for awards and so few came home with a plaque.

To begin with, I was the most underdressed girl there. I was in black pants with a top from Monsoon ( in case any of you know what that is ) and I was wearing Uggs. All of the other girls showed up in floor length dresses, or minidresses. Plus, they were all in heels.

My dad wore suit trousers with a white shirt and tie. Everyone else showed up in suits.

On top of that, I had to go out and buy black pants because I only owned jeans! I am not a dress up person.

Anywho, dinner was fantastic! They had the best ceaser salad ever! The chicken was perfect because they put it in a non-spicy barbecue sauce to add flavor and it was really good. Plus, they had mashed potatoes with spices and herbs… yummy! They also had an assortment of vegetables that were just normal; I have to mention the vegetables… my mom might see this post ;-).

The best part had to be the cake at the end! Delicious!

Well, as you know, I was nominated for Best Attitude Adult and Most Outstanding Adult. Well, I won Most Outstanding Adult with a plaque to prove it! I had to go up onto the raised platform to accept it, and it was really embarrassing.

All in all, a good night with lots of laughs and small talk!

Ta ta!

– Reverse Punch

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2 Responses to Awards Banquet

  1. cynipen says:

    Congratulations. Again 😛

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