Monday Class


Class was great last night, and I also went to the tournament class last night as well. The other two people in the tournament class were there as well, plus the other purple belt is doing tournaments now as well! I am so excited.

Kyoshi gave me the advanced version of my kata, and I am really struggling with it. Kyoshi also taught us the correct way to introduce yourself to the judges, but I already knew how, because I had to do it for tournaments in Taekwondo.

While perfecting my kata, Kyoshi corrected me on a few blocks and strikes, and one of the people doing the tournaments came over and helped me, but it looks fantastic when she does it, but when I do it… imagine me wincing right now.

I have decided to go to the Awards Banquet with my dad. We have to dress up, and I will not — will not — wear a dress, so I have a nice blouse I am going to wear, and I will have to go out and buy nice dress pants and shoes. (I only own tennis shoes)

Well, that is pretty much it for today.

– Reverse Punch

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