Monday Class

Helo pawb!

Class last night was… long. To put it nicely. It was my two hour class last night. Anyway, I went to the normal class, and I practiced my kata with a black belt.

Well, an hour later, I started the tournament class with a different black belt than usual because Kyoshi was sick. The other two people in that class did not show up, so I was the only one.

The black belt had me work Seiuchin Kata, and gave me a couple of good tips. I think I improved during last night’s class. Unfortunately, sparring is not my strong point, and for the last fourty-five minutes, it was just me and a black belt ( a foot taller than me ) sparring.

He gave me tons of little tips I will put in the tips section once I am done with this post. Since I am “vertically challenged” ( I am only five feet one inch) he pretty much taught me how to use my speed and size to my advantage.

I was also pretty pleased when he showed me a better way to kick to the head, so I will be using my feet a lot more now!

The black belt teaching me is my instructors only original student still with them. He has been with them for twenty-two years this year.

Hwyl fawr!

– Reverse Punch

P.S. When I say hello and goodbye, I am using different languages because I am fascinated by languages. Look up what language I am using!

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4 Responses to Monday Class

  1. krishamae says:

    It’s cool how you write about your personal experience with martial arts. Nice job!

  2. You are an extremely interesting person.
    I love how you love languages (I love them too :D) and how pasionate you are about martial arts. It’s inspiring, actually. I’ll be checking out your blog often.

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