Tuesday Class

Hola Amigos!

Class was great last night; we had a couple new students there.

My instructor was sadly not there, so a different black belt led the class. It was a sparring class, and I managed to get a clear kick to the head quite easily; against a black belt no less! I have not gotton in a kick to the head since I quit Taekwondo.

Just a thought: When we bow out of class we sit in seisa. This link will describe it to you.

Well, after sitting in seisa for a while you start to get that really weird cramp in the arch of your foot. You’re not supposed to fidget, but I *cough* sometimes wriggle. Well, actually a lot.

It was pretty strange yesterday because we did a lot less calisthetics than usual.

You know those days where you suddenly feel extra flexible? Yeah? Well, that was me yesterday, and I manged to get into the splits on both sides, instead of just with my left foot in front. (There is a story about the splits that I will post in ‘Stories’ soon) However, the middle splits still evade me.

If you do martial arts yourself I would love to hear about any stories you have! Post your stories in the comments, and I will reply A.S.A.P.

Adios for now!

– Reverse Punch

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