Monday Class

Whew! I was at Karate for two hours yesterday. I had my first tournament class, and I will be competing in a tournament in March. I spent an hour in my regular class, in which I practiced my current kata, Wansu Kata.

Plus, I learned a few self defenses from the kata. I will post the self defenses under today’s date in self defenses.

I was partners with the super nice other purple belt, and we suffered through push-ups and sit-ups together. After seeing each other sweat, I consider us best buddies… hehe.

Anywho, moving forward an hour to the tournament class. There was only three people there, me and siblings, a brother and a sister. I count myself lucky I wasn’t being stared at by ten other people!

For tournaments I decided to do Seiuchin Kata which involves a lot of horse stances, which, let me tell you, are pretty much holding a squat the whole kata. Boy, do my legs hurt today!

Seiuchin Kata was my orange belt kata, that I am now doing, since, so far, it is my favorite kata.

In tournament classes, my instructors analyze every part of my kata, correcting every mistake. We go to tournaments with perfect katas. I am looking forward to perfecting my katas that’s for sure.

Can you imagine how easy my black belt test is going to be if all of my katas are perfect?

Ta ta!

– Rerverse Punch

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