Thursday Class

Hello all!

It was a fantastic class on Thursday! I am currently learning Wansu Kata. This link will lead you to a video of the Master Shimabuku. Master Shimabuku helped initiate the current Isshinryu Karate as I know it. At the beginning of every class, we bow and show respect to Master Shimabuku.

For each kata (form), there are several self defenses somewhat hidden throughout. Back on the island of Okinawa, Japan where Isshinryu began, martial arts was forbidden, so the people practiced kata which had all of the self defenses they need, but — to officials– it appeared that they were dancing.

The practicing of kata ingrains the defenses — muscle memory. So, if ever in danger, you will be able to quickly and correctly use a self defense in your kata.

Moving on…. During class the self defense I learned was when you grab your opponent’s belt, slide into a crane stance, and as you do so pull your arm taut. Once your opponent is off balance, you pull your arm all the way back as you finish sliding into your crane stance, as you punch the person behind your opponent. This may sound a little confusing, but I will post pictures under self defenses in a couple of days.

Ta ta for now!

— Reverse Punch

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2 Responses to Thursday Class

  1. cynipen says:

    That does sound a little confuing, but I can’t wait to see some photos. Good luck in your training!

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